About Us

Medicomall is a revolutionary idea in Healthcare Management. This website allows different healthcare providers to share their ideas and blogs, it lets the users share their own ideas and experiences and provides a variety of Healthcare Management facilities like the Mobile App downloads, all free of charge.

The Medicomall Mobile Apps are a new revolutionary idea in patient and healthcare management where a mobile app, supported on both Google and Apple devices, will enable the users to take care of their daily prescription needs, notify when a better or newer drug is available in place of the existing one and will fetch and find the closest physician and clinic for them.

The Medicomall website also provides answers to the common daily questions, in the FAQ section, that users have about their condition, medicine they are taking or healthcare in general. This website is constantly updated by qualified practicing physicians who share their expertise and knowledge for the common good. And the best part, it’s all Free!!

Please do share your feed back and thoughts with us to help us make this website the spearhead in healthcare and user well being.